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Trade Mart

Project: New E-commerce site, SEO, Hosting

Clients view:

"We needed a new easy to use e-commerce website and we needed ongoing search engine optimisation services as well as hosting and training. Monigma were recommended by a business associate of mine, so I compared them to the competition and they came out best"

What did we do?

After some demo training sessions with the proposed e-commerce system, we helped them migrate the products from their existing system and trained them for adding and editing. Once done the shop went live and tweaked the SEO for each product on the site and are still doing it today. Ongoing hosting and security updates for the system are a routine part of our business as is supporting them in the use of the site.


Client recommendation:

"Monigma have been a lifesaver for us in terms of running our e-commerce business. I have recommended them to several of my associates and they too have been extraordinarily satisfied with the results. Can't wait to do it again in a few years!"

James McCafferty,
Bestport (Europe) Ltd